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oh, I tot I ady answered your questions? if I can buy, I would definitely buy.. I am not a believer of buying a resale project, unless the price is the same as their launching price.. cos to me, exit strategy is important..

if I were to buy TReasure Trove for example vs Piermont, next time when I want to exit is difficult and the chances of me losing money is very high.. even though they may be of the same psf currently... I oso take into consideration that Treasure Trove's lease is ady 8 yrs as of today..

so there u go, touch my heart n my brain ady.. I wont buy resale condo even though its the same price ( and again, not becos im selling Piermont, I sell many other projects as well ..)
Treasure trove is just across the road from punggol mrt. Other less convenient projects are going for less. Even luxurie beside seng kang mrt is going for less. What do you think are appreciation prospects (if any) for sumang vs luxurie.

Sure you have your methods of convincing buyers by pulling out only data and reasons that support your point. I see many newbies being convinced too so good for you. Its your career and you stay in punggol, I cannot blame you. All the best in 2 weeks time. Maybe you will achieve very good sales and will look to move out of punggol!
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