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Actually what you say is true. As a second timer myself I will need to pay $45,000 resale levy if I buy Piermont. By the time it TOP, my HDB price may drop further. It may be better to consider buying Luxurie if the psf $ is the same right? Luxurie is only 2-3 years old and opposite SK MRT.

I'm thinking of upgrading but the high psf and resale levy puts me off and also got phobia after reading the pasir gudang thing in an article. I'll wait for the EC in SK one and see how. I think I wait and wait wait until no need to buy liao. PSf $ will get higher and higher .
Exactly, many better options for you, a second timer, than PG.

Wait for these 1-2 years is fine. Prices are not going to go anywhere. More downsides than up in fact. Misconception psf is guaranteed to up and up.
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