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Just some input from a first person pov, I waited and waited in anticipation for prices to come down since 2017 and I totally regretted if you ask me. At many juncture, I had set sight on certain projects, yet I have always held back at the last minute haha, and prices gone north since for those I saw.

I can only say noone knows for sure, itís akin to the stock market I sold ComfortDelGro shares at $2.45 thinking that grab will mobilize the market and its shares will go south, today the shares is about $2.8. No one knows. This is life Haha.
From 2013 to 2017, 5 straight years, prices were flat. You only have yourself to blame for waiting so long. You well know property prices will appreciate in the long run (for now). But i definitely don't support the 30-40% spike in new launch prices. There are numerous resales still available for you MR passer.
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