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Bro 1stly total cost is way diff when u talked about unblock 2nd thing why would you want to buy a high end box to watch those free channels when a 30-40 dollars box can do? So I don’t see your point but I Guess Yu have your reason n concerns
it is true that 30-40 dollar box can be use to watch free channels, but it is not recommended to pay $100 for 30-40 dollar box especially those from redbean/micox.

there are many better 30-40 dollars boxes from established budget brands like tanix, nexbox, beelink,...etc they are reasonably reliable and having good support, both from vendor and community.

one important point to mention - android boxes can be use to watch VOD video, and they do a much better job in this area.

playing high price for a better box will give you better viewing experience, e.g you can get 4k netflix, 4k youtube, chromecast, voice remote.... if you pay slightly more ($70-80) for mibox s.

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