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If you can afford to wait, then wait. The recent closed tenders are still very expensive. It's best to do your own research, if your plan is to move to a new condo / upgrade / second property etc, decide for yourself.

Just see the land prices :
(for example the clementi ave1 is about 788+psf vs park clemantis, former park west 850+psf)


Sims drive (740psf) vs sims urban (687psf, when sold at peak for new sales was nearly 1.6kpsf)

The trend for the new land bids are getting cheaper, but you have to take many things into consideration.
1: A lot of the existing launches are moving fast, riverfront cross 1k sales at that location, even treasure who people are laughing at, are selling 50-70 units every month, a lot of the GLS sales have crossed 50% sales and they're only a year old (they are going to top in 4 years). What does this mean ? When they're about nearly sold, the developers will start to bid for land again.
2: Just see the recent land bid developers, a lot of major players didn't bid, 2-3 years later what do you think will happen ?
3: government recently announced to focus more on town areas, what does this mean? Will there be land tenders for OCR / RCR ? With one - two land tender every one-two years on OCR/RCR region, do you think the developers who won the tender will sell cheap ? (Even if they won at a lower price) - they might just put one stack at super cheap price but charge 20% more for premium stacks too, has happened before.
4: even if they sell cheap, how many people do you think are waiting ? You want to test your luck in balloting to get the premium stacks that you want, or get a west sun face main road unit in a cheaper project.

By then you would have wasted 2-3 years of your time. If you're just a simple family house guy, then it would be better to study what is available in the market now and get it (resale, new launch, whatever).
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