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Have you been to your friends' private apartments?
Many older ones or higher quantum new ones are of decent in sizes too.

And why do many hdb people chiong more central area if they can?

It is a lifestyle/ convenience + potential gain, just like many prefer cars (BMW, Mercedes some more) than cheapest Toyota despite they serve the same function.

Most private properties have less restrictions, most are profitable & higher quantum in profit when sold.

I'm talking about the small size in PG for a 3 bedder compared to a usual 4 room HDB, essentially the same thing ( but in this case the PG unit is smaller), you pay a premium to stay in a 'condo' but how often does one use the condo facilities? You do have to sleep in your room everyday though so overall, the quality of living is lower mah, but people will still do it, I know quite a few families that do this, family of 5 or 6 living in 900 sqft when a HDB provides 990 sqft, they do it for the prestige of living in a condo, thats it

Other condos no need talk, especially the older ones, I've a friend, his family owns the whole level of an apartment block right in Bugis, everyone has their own space. It's different.
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