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bingo!!! in next few years to come, many EC MOP-ing soon, but when u buy Piermont, you wont have this 'competition' when MOP, cos its the only EC for this year.. your competitors are probably Canberra new EC / Anchorvale new EC tat will MOP approx. 1-1.5yrs after Piermont ..
As usual, you view it however the way you like. There are valid points i acknowledge.

To me, it means cheap 5 year old(new) resale condos in punggol in 1-4 years time. Opening up many more options for home-seekers.

To sell piermont for a material profit, you will be looking to sell at $1,300psf. Will the market support that in 7 years? No ones knows. We are living on the assumption that property is guaranteed uptrend.
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