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Yes, wat potential does Canberra EC has over Piermont? but both are at the same pricing .. which one would u go for? but having said that, those grew up in Canberra or parents staying there, ultimately will go for it.. no right, no wrong..

Canberra has nothing over Piermont, distance to MRT is almost the same but PG has LRT nearer at least

Worse thing for these Canberra's EC to sell at same pricing is that the Condos and ECs in the area are selling for much much less, you can find good sized condos for $800psf, even lower depending on certain things

Nearby there are other ECs that will reach 5 years in about 2-3 years time, so why pay premium just because it is new? Rather whack the resale can utilise the value immediately, at a cheaper price
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