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Yup, there are some of us that loves a location, don’t wanna stay away from parents etc.

My colleague whose BTO at Yishun that has just reached MOP is still waiting for the Canberra launch. Told him that the next plot of land will be another EC too.
So he say if he cannot get the Q1 2020 EC, he gonna try the next plot of EC.

Die die want a New EC. Either one of the launch also can as Long as new to him and family. Plus his parents stays at Yishun. So wanna be close to the parents. He don’t mind the construction waiting time coz he can stay at Parents Jumbo flat.

Yes, wat potential does Canberra EC has over Piermont? but both are at the same pricing .. which one would u go for? but having said that, those grew up in Canberra or parents staying there, ultimately will go for it.. no right, no wrong..

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