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Technically, anything below 3700X are good. The 3600X will serve you well.
Read from an business analyst article, on why AMD yield is double that of intel.
Yes, technically in term of architecture and design, every chiplet is the same from the production line. Unlike intel, AMD chiplets approach allows them to create many variants from 1 master blueprint. Like printing money notes and specify how many zero you wished later.... 3600, 3600x, 3700x, 3800x, 3900x.

e.g, a 8 core chiplets, is sorted into different bin base on the quality of the silicon, and if a 8 core Zen3 chiplet cannot function with all of its cores AMD could disable certain parts of the chips and make it a 6 cores chiplets.

Bin A - 3800x
Bin B - 3700x
Bin C - 3600x
Bin D - defects cores either sell as 6cores chiplets, or combine 2 to form 12 cores 3900x. ( this one my hypothesis , dont want to get sued by AMD)

So paying premium for bin A - 3800x, supposedly got higher chace to run at 4.3/5 MHz all cores STOCK as opposed to 3600x. Therefore, technically a 3600x is the same as 3800x in terms of design and architecture and >$200 cheaper.... cannot complain oredi....

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