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Bro 1stly total cost is way diff when u talked about unblock 2nd thing why would you want to buy a high end box to watch those free channels when a 30-40 dollars box can do? So I donít see your point but I Guess Yu have your reason n concerns
Ok i give up. I am totally confused about the point you are trying to make. Its you who bring in things like scv and kodi when i was trying to counter your point about micox + cloudtv by saying its better to get an unblock box. And then now you are harping about high end/low end boxes for what?

UB box isnt even that expensive when you get a older model from qoo10 for around $140 after coupons.

Next, its been mentioned multiple times, boxes bundled with iptv/vod apps are overpriced(ubox/evpad included). You are paying more than $100 bucks for what is essentially a $20-30 box + apps. However, evpad/unblock apps are proprietary, so you cant download or purchase them elsewhere. But cloudtv subscription can be bought cheaper from other resellers. So why micox box? This is the very point i been trying to make all along.

Anyway end of this discussion from me. It feels like chicken talking to duck when we are on totally different wavelengths.
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