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Reset tv misused wat ? reset tv back to factory setting will damage tv ? sure boh !!
When my tv ir only respond to the TV RC only when stb is off, u think it is due to stb rc not copy completely that few shortcut key fr the TV RC! LOL fact it has nothing to do wif the STB RC as TV RC can do the TV control n STB RC just with few extra TV shortcut keys..

NMS said that doesn't mean no similar issue happened b4 ..if can siam u think they wont siam..

Pls lar if dun understand better silent ..
why reset TV for?
You still don't answer my question. Are you follow the correct do the RC set-up.
So you are telling us you are SW and HW engineer? If so, you still come here to look for the solution to solve your misapplied usage?
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