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Here are my initial thoughts after using it for an hour or two. I bought this because of the ANC, true wireless and Sony sound.

Noise cancellation - Very good. I compared this with the QC20. The QC20 is good at reducing low frequency sound like engine noise, but it does not do a good job at reducing the sound of people taking. With this earphones, it does a good job at reducing noise from both ends of the spectrum. The sound of people talking was reduced dramatically relative to the QC20. With low frequency noise, the QC20 was fractionally better. Roadside noise was significantly reduced although not totally when standing on a pavement. I think Sony really delivered on noise cancellation.

Blinking LEDs - I don't know the rationale behind the blinking LEDs when the earbuds are in use. When I use it at night, anyone and everyone will notice the two blinking LEDs. Sony should offer the option of stopping the LEDs from blinking when the buds are in use.

Sound - Source is ALAC files converted from AIFF files i.e. CD quality. Typical Sony kind of sound i.e. controlled bass. Definitely nowhere near $300+ Sony wired earphones standard, but very good considering it is AAC. I could not quite tell the difference with and without DSEE HX. My head tells me it sounds better with it turned on, but that might just be me being aware that it should sound better as opposed to actually hearing a discernible difference.

Fit - Very good for a earbud that sticks out. The extra bump helps as it allows the earbud to rest on the ear so I don't get the feeling that it will fall out. I used the largest silicon tip as the smaller sized ones did not provide any seal. As a guide, the largest tip feels a little larger than the L sized Sony silicon tips (light green) in terms of diameter and is definitely longer. I replaced it with the L sized silicon tips and the earbuds still fit. Comfort will depend on the shape of the ear so you will need to teat this out yourself.

Looks - It sticks out. It looks like bluetooth earphones from 10 years ago or longer, not the stealthy earbuds that are buried into the ear.

Call quality - Have not tested it. Will try doing it over the weekend.

Connection - Have not experienced dropping connections. I used this with an iPhone 8 plus. Need to test in crowded places.

I think it is fair to mention the following at this juncture.

1. If one is not looking for ANC, this is NOT the earphones for you. The money can be spent elsewhere.

2. If one is looking for earphones for sports, this is not for you, not because it is not IPX4 rated, just that I don't think it will be secure enough.

3. If one needs to look cool, look else where. The blinking LEDs and the way it sticks out looks totally UNCLE. I can carry that look so it is still alright for me.

4. If one is looking for ANC above all else, you can consider this. Not all ANC is the same, we see that even with wired earphones. The QC20 stands above all, and this earphones is comparable. Because ANC works well to reduce sound of people talking, I think this is pretty good for office use.

These are just my initial thoughts. Sorry, cannot be more technical about it as I only have a Primary 6 vocabulary.
Thanks for the review.

Do you need the Sony app to work with? How's the sound quality when using with and without the Sony app?

Because I own the Sony WH-1000XM3 headphone which runs on LDAC without installing the Sony app. I have tried installing the Sony app and it converted to using SBC codec. Can't change to LDAC after that.

It's good to have one Sony app for both Sony devices but if I install the app with the WF-1000XM3 I'm afraid the WH-1000XM3 will not work with LDAC

Thanks again

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