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Does anyone have any updates for their application for DEI? Here is my timeline so far:

Application submitted on Careers@Gov: 24 May 2019
Email received for document submission: 04 Jun 2019
Document submission/HR Briefing/Group Discussion Trial: 10 Jun 2019

It's been almost 5 full weeks since then, and no reply from them yet. I know someone who attended the same document submission with me who went for the panel interview on 24 Jun (2 weeks after submission), so I am afraid that I might not have been selected. My status on Careers@Gov is still stated as 'Shortlisted' though.

I gave ICA HR a call at +65 6391 6183 at the 3 week mark, and they said that my application is still being processed, and that I needn't worry because they couldn't possibly arrange for all applicants for the panel interview within the same day. But I thought it was weird that I was left out of the same group.

The only reason I could come up with for this is our availabiliity. I indicated a 1 month notice period while the other person was able to start immediately. I cannot confirm this but this is what I suspect based off of reading this thread.

The waiting time is killing me. I am looking forward to good news, but I'd rather just know early on if Im unsuccessful so I can move on. It'd be quite shitty to wait so long and then get rejected. Is no news really good news?

I'll update if there are any developments.

Week 1 - sms to check email on doc submission
Week 2 - doc submission, tests and group trial
Week 3 - call for panel round and email on panel details
Week 4 - panel round (could be week 5/6 depending on the availability of the panelists)

Timeline may be adjusted also.. so just take this as a reference. If rejected after doc submission, an email will be sent.

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