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how come OL never go and borrow from the banks for working capital?

instead ask to borrow from the retailers and made forever lasting retail perpetual bonds that can go on and on without needing to return.

害死人 so many thousand of old folks got their saving wipe out.

and sgx and mas go and agree on all these retail bonds to be distributed to the retailers.

who give the green light to farm out this toxic product to the old folks ?
so highly leveraged. and did mas and sgx read about the pub contract with hyflux ?
Mas and sgx aware of pub/hyflux lousy contract ?

book state worth billions actually pub can take it back for free .
if mas and sgx don't know. you subject matter expert also don't know.
and you sign and agreed such lousy contact bonds to be distributed to the retailer like us

how do you expect all the old uncle, aunty retailer to know ?
those take 3 days finance course will know?

asset stated is got many billions and now pub take it back for free.

mas and sgx are aware of this pub/hyflux lousy signed contract before allowing such retail bonds to be release to the retailer ?

what is the feel from mas and sgx ?
are they doing their roles ?

really 害死人

some people said this is a hyflux retail bonds is a junk bond.
cannot buy one.

if that is the case why

mas/sgx can even made it approve as CPF investable.

SRS investable.

how come like that ?

why cpf and srs can be used to buy junk bonds ?
why mas and sgx approve it ?

why ? why ? why ?

now my marriage got call off.

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