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With CPF and SRS status,
this make many of the old folks think that the company is safe.

you know bonds rated as A / AAA or something by some rating firm.
investors will buy isn't it.

now with SRS and CPF investable rating given by don't know sgx or mas.
don't you think it cast such a big impression this retail bonds is good to buy even using cash . sell your house to buy ?

now if it is junk retail bond why mas/sgx rated it as SRS and CPF investable .

even when the newspaper author is writing something on the retail bonds.
giving warning or what ever you said.

hyflux retail bonds is still rated as can invest using SRS/CPF .
mas/sgx did not even lift their finger to change the SRS/CPF investable rating despite
the newspaper author writing on the newspaper.
the rating continue to stay as investable using srs/cpf.
subject matter expert from mas/sgx did not even say anything nor change srs/cpf
you think retail investor will look forward to sgx/mas as the guardian.

mas/sgx totally ignore the newspaper author writing on the newspaper and continue to allow hyflux retail bonds to have srs/cpf invest status.
when mas/sgx the expert continue to total ignored the newspaper author no action is done, retailer can only trust mas/sgx. these people from mas/sgx are the finance expert , they spend years in good university studying financial stuff and have superior working experience on financial related stuff. during my time only top 5% to 10% can go to accounting in the university. The rest of the people are to go engineering course, the dumping ground.

then few months later the retail bonds start to plunge. in the last few days. hyflux retail continue dropping. how will retailer even know what is going on?
someone even said retail bonds is meant to be hold and not traded.

sgx/mas have rated hyflux retail bonds as good for retailer to buy using SRS/CPF although the company is in such a bad state. now after the incident , we are now informed in the hyflux town hall that hyflux tio cancer.
quarter after quarter cancer is spreading but mas/sgx continue to rate investable using srs/cpf . this gives impression to the hyflux retail investors that hyflux retail bonds is In very good health .

until the very last minute, many of the old uncle and aunty poured in their hard earned money(using cash) to buy the hyflux retail bond . some of them bought the retail bonds today and getting suspended the day after. it is because of the cpf/srs status that giving false impression hence these people buy using cash

who give such approval and cast such fake impression hyflux retail bonds is a super good retail bonds that you all can even buy using cpf/srs when in actual fact this retail should not even be distributed to the retailer right in the begining

Wow, I didn't know now CPF/SRS is a rating agency...You think government is there to babysit you so that your investment will huat ah?You don't even need to pay Capital Gains Tax or Tax on Dividends, now you want government to help make financial decisions for you...Might as well put all your money in CPF and let government manage your own finance...People buy the bonds is their own choice...Nobody forced the 39,000 retail investors to put in $900m into Hyflux...You think the 2 million plus Singaporean who are not affected by the Hyflux problem vs the 39,000, do you think the issus is with CPF or the 39,000 people are stupid...

You say like CPF is the reason why people put money into Hyflux...Why the hell does it only affect 39,000 people only? What about the millions of Singaporeans who did not put a single cent into Hyflux...
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