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Reading through this thread, I did not see solution of overcoming problem of existing wall switches without neutral wire.

I did my lighting control (cove light and downlight)with Wi-Fi/+RF relay control at the lighting end and maintaining the mechanical switch for ultimate safety control. No AC standby.

Product used: Sonoff basic or Sonoff RF R2(internet/intranet control). Don't get those clone that does not come with CE mark ! Safety first .

Control flexibility:by Wi-Fi, Google home voice control and mechanical switch control. The Ewelink app allows settings of initial power state to follow previous state, OFF and on,I picked default AC In , switch is ON , this way, it will synchronize with the mechanical main switch. Convenient for home members that don't want to deal with voice commands, phone control.

What you need to do is to trace to the LED downlight feeding point, insert the Wi-Fi control module to control the Line wire, over at the load/lighting, you always have both neutral and live there.

I have tested this type of controller for 2 years and find it reliable enough, therefore putting the Wi-Fi controller hiding behind the false ceiling.

DIY to pull out LED downlight and find its power feeding point indeed don't need much work, think of bulbs changing.

I also purchased a RF remote control switch ($5) for ease of control, handy when Wi-Fi is out (I automated the router On off timing, sleeping time strictly no Wi-Fi, forced router to cut off so that I can sleep earlier).

I am using Google assistant with Google home to do voice control of lightings, IR Commands consolidation.

1) rename your switches to XX light, Google home group them automatically under lighting group that you can use the Google home app to control them , wildcard commands like switch of all is provided.

2) broadlink IR BLASTER IHC Air-conditioning template is handy, allowed temperature settings and fan speed with voice control over Google home instead of just ON/OFF .

3) overcoming stateless control of IR control.
Through IFTTT , you can write the state to Google sheet file, then you can read it back to know its state.

Have fun..

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