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by then u probably gonna upgrade ur system lo
If you need the 2 extra cores or more of performance today, get the 3700X or 3900X else if just gaming, get the 3600 and upgrade later to a 8 cores or more later for the most bang for the buck.

But if newer 6 core also can win older 8 core both ways already then how?
The question in discussion is whether today's games need more than 6 cores 12 threads. From the benchmarks only Shadows of the Tomb Raider and turn based games have some tangible gains from 8 cores and it ain't much.

If you are comparing to the Ryzen 2X00s, the IPC gains for Ryzen 3X00 make them a better buy for gaming as IPC is most important for gaming.

Anyways a new video from Gamers Nexus if the 3600X is worth the buy over the 3600 for the boost clocks.

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