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Thanks man! Hope i get in when i apply hehe

Coming personally from me who signed on with Higher Nitec cert, I honestly suggest you complete your diploma first. I don't want to frighten you but I was like you who had a strong interest in policing.

But once you step foot inside the force, its a whole different ball game. Maybe you'll enjoy your trainee life but somewhere in your 4th or 5th month of training, you'll be sent to be attached to a NPC for about 2 weeks.

That is when you get a real taste of what the front-liners face on a daily basis. It's really demanding on the mind as you deal with so many types of cases and some can pull your heartstrings. There is a lot of things happening that the public eye doesn't get to see.

I'm sure you're aware SPF does sponsor its officers for part-time diplomas but I must let you know it requires a monumental amount of hard work and sacrifice. I must also add that even if you are part-time studying, you must remember the fact that you're still working, hence, if you got a call to attend a work related matter, you got to go for it even if you have classes on that day.

Really think hard before taking the plunge. Because once you take the plunge, coming out before your 5 year bond is up is gonna burn your wallet big time.

But in any case, all the best! Hope to see you in blue one day!
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