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The Brazilian arrived at the Camp Nou a year and a half ago for 120 million euros, plus another 40m euros in bonuses.

The Guardian revealed the clauses, which seemed realistic at the time, but if he can be sold this summer it would save 25m euros for the Spanish club.

The 40m euros in variables are divided into 5m euros for qualification for the Champions League in his first year and another 5m euros for doing so in the second season, which is already achieved.

Another 5m euros come after playing 25 games, also achieved, but 20m euros will come after 100 games and another 5m euros for winning the Champions League.

With the situation as it stands, Coutinho has made 74 appearances for the club and would not surpass 77 this season, though nobody expected him to make fewer than 100 appearances before being sold when he was signed.
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