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finally got exotics holster components from CP4. don't even need different factions, did 2 true sons CP4 & gotten 2 different components. RNG or they finally made it easier?

also got all Nemesis parts liao? haven't craft yet. is it better to wait for TU5 for craft bench upgrade so i could get gs500 Nemesis directly?

still no luck with sweet dreams exotic shotgun
Just get all nemesis components now bah. Can craft now to gs500 and wait coz it will auto give u max dmg de. Wait till TU5 also same coz the process is same.

Just tried a 7 man raid and we passed it. Also tried full berserk build and so far seems ok. Managed to solo big guy in stage 4 provided im in 100% berserk and with ace&8 100% mag capacity. Even w/o ace&8, still possible to solo him

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