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Anyway the comm is a killer. Next week doing gems le. Take a payout nett maybe better

In way it cheats cos the system will know your gross and throw LT to even up.

Last week i got one day experimented by turning off AA and useful for a couple hours till LT start coming in.

I think timing also... starting later in the day (like me 930am) helps as most surge already went down and during off peak daytime dun have much surge.

But yours is gys so may have on and off surge. And LT also quite often cos ppl just want to go home.

Yes the 20% is killer. My top up is $100.80 before comm. if not i should get $126. Actually i can get more top up but friday late night i itchy hand go do 6s trips only lol accidentally turn off my dest and kena 1 non md trip of $38!(2 stops zz). Reduced my top up from $150+ before comm to $126 before comm

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