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Does anyone have any updates for their application for DEI? Here is my timeline so far:

Application submitted on Careers@Gov: 24 May 2019
Email received for document submission: 04 Jun 2019
Document submission/HR Briefing/Group Discussion Trial: 10 Jun 2019

It's been almost 5 full weeks since then, and no reply from them yet. I know someone who attended the same document submission with me who went for the panel interview on 24 Jun (2 weeks after submission), so I am afraid that I might not have been selected. My status on Careers@Gov is still stated as 'Shortlisted' though.

I gave ICA HR a call at +65 6391 6183 at the 3 week mark, and they said that my application is still being processed, and that I needn't worry because they couldn't possibly arrange for all applicants for the panel interview within the same day. But I thought it was weird that I was left out of the same group.

The only reason I could come up with for this is our availabiliity. I indicated a 1 month notice period while the other person was able to start immediately. I cannot confirm this but this is what I suspect based off of reading this thread.

The waiting time is killing me. I am looking forward to good news, but I'd rather just know early on if Im unsuccessful so I can move on. It'd be quite shitty to wait so long and then get rejected. Is no news really good news?

I'll update if there are any developments.
Waiting for months is considered normal. Some of us have went through final interview and medical since march/april and are still waiting for offer till todate. There are also some who have already been accepted by ICA. My trial group consisted of 4 members. 1 was rejected right after the first round of interview, 2 of us who went the first panel are still waiting while 1 who went for a later interview and medical has already been accepted so doesnt mean going first will get the position.
No news is good news. ICA is rather efficent when it comes to rejection letter so they will let you know if rejected

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