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There are two software version based on my findings.

1: Software version :V3R017C00S100
for this one, You may follow below post

2: Software version :V3R018C00S100
for this one, vendor removed "WAN Configuration" and add in "Mode switching" under Maintenance tab.
Connect your laptop directly to Singtel ONR and manually set your IP address to
Browse to

Username: support

1: Enable DHCP relay under LAN configuration
2: Advance Configuration -> Maintenance -> Mode switching ->Bridge

Device will auto restart once Apply button pressed.

Connect your ASUS router WAN to ONR LAN port
During setup wizard, please choose "special requirement from ISP"
Then choose "Singtel-MIO" regardless of your plan ie you didn't sign up for MIO TV

Okay, all done, now your ASUS router act as main router, DDNS and port forwarding run as per normal.

any one knows the detail of "special requirement from ISP“ ? i m still trying to put my ROS into service.

enjoy ~~~~
Wow, good information

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