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But gs490 blueprint leh. All my exotics still at gs490 becoz missing exotic components to upgrade. U mean gs490 exotics will auto up to gs500 after TU5? then I no need farm for holster exotics Liao

May I know where u got the last holster component (i still need inverted leathers). From Riverside gas station? Needs to be CP4?

Did a heroic CP … crazy but still doable. Learn a few lessons like stay further away from hostiles that are shaking. I thought that was some glitch but after respawn a few times, realized that they must be getting some buff against my damage

And reviver hive doesn't seems to be working in heroic, is that norm or bug?
Just get all nemesis components now bah. Can craft now to gs500 and wait coz it will auto give u max dmg de. Wait till TU5 also same coz the process is same.
Good job! So what's your health power with your berserk build?
I think I can forgot berserk for now since RNG don't give me gears with health. Instead got 12%, 21% armor & many critical chances & damages. Along with 30% armor in holster, I can finally tank quite a bit now

Now using unstoppable, also good lolz
Just tried a 7 man raid and we passed it. Also tried full berserk build and so far seems ok. Managed to solo big guy in stage 4 provided im in 100% berserk and with ace&8 100% mag capacity. Even w/o ace&8, still possible to solo him
Left last specter hunter mask & ivory key. Confused if it's at Washington monument or department of agriculture. Often spot one at Washington monument but disappear before even I done my aim.

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