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Pls dont spoil market or educate others wrongly.

Only taxi running on metered-fare have obligation to ask customer preferred route. (Stated on onemotoring website)

No such obligations for phv. Pdvl training and test does not highlight this rule. Grab/GJ t&c already mentioned, driver has right to go by fastest/shortest route recommended by GPS.

In other words, you wanna go by shorter route but slightly longer time, your choice. You lose your way, make wrong turn, up the wrong expressway, it's all your own problem and nothing to do with customer.

BUT IF customer insists on their own route which GPS doesn't recommend, that's a different story.


Most time, i wld for shortest.
Save fuel.

One straight Rd or highway, I take straight.

However I always ask passengers u want fast or how?
They say highway, acknowledged then proceed lo.
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