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Worst case of radio I had during uber days.

45min drive to Tuas South.

Angmo request turn off radio totally because he needs to do work on his laptop.
Longest 45mins drive of ma life.

Worst case of aircon incident happened recently.
Fat woman comes in, hair wet, think she just took a hot shower.

Woman: wah very hot, driver can turn up the ac?
Me: ok (turns to 4 bar fan speed, lowest temp)
1min later...
Woman: wah still very hot, driver can point the aircon facing downwards?
Me: okok
10seconds later..
Woman: wah cannot, I think you point it back upwards
(Limbei trying to drive, didi di siao)
Me: mdm you sit in front la, in front sure no problem with ac.

Woman diam diam.....
My eyes roll 360

Tio liao and most demanding. Radio too loud cannot cos give them headache

Then aircon too low or high

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