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yeah that's the standard process, means i still gotta farm for exotic components

i mean did u got it at Riverside gas station or most random CP4?

most of my berserk pcs comes with armor & not vital health. hp174k & not using clutch? how u regen your health quickly?

i hope to have a few builds, unstoppable unbreakable that can be changed quickly by switch a few gears

Once u get the gs490 exotic weapon, can buy the gs500 bp from the vendor beside crafting table.

Last item might be random though.

Hp is at 174k with 31.5% chc. Just need to get a BP with 2 red 1 blue (hp) , hh and vital.

Unstoppable is good for raid stage 4 coz gt drones to kill but nt for stage 2/3. Those 2 stages dun have much adds to kill thus wun buff dmg. I think once u learn the mechanics, u can try more risky builds to feel the difference.
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