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So they convert 1 to 1, GP and PP. Notwithstanding one is in SGD and the other is in USD. They should take out the double 00 from PP and call it PPD so as not to confuse people.

Looks like a terrific deal for you. I don't know if this is a special for you only and what card you are holding.
Not sure what the $200 is all about. But it sounds like a token payment to go on board as others have to pay much more for week end balcony.

From your other posting you said you 'Earned 6k plus PP.'
Do you normally get 60+ GP/TP only per cruise or more than this. What was your expectation so that we can judge how much they have tighten on the points. You need 5,000 PP for balcony.
Correct 30,000 PP for Palace.
Checked and noted one of my family member GP was already converted to PP at 1 GP to 100 PP rate but not mine. Saw more than 10K PP at lease possible to redeem Balcony Cabin online now. Others including mine still showing GP maybe conversion underway carried out in batches.

Vincent66 must have spent his 200GP onboard for play (slots etc), drinks or Port Charges etc. Otherwise he would have another 20k PP converted.

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