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Cheapo fares, cheapo ethics.

If I were you, the first time he suan you, I would offer him.

You want me to stop the car? You can go and take a taxi, you can tell the taxi you don't wish to pay erp. I can call gojek to cancel, no issue.

I said this to a few customers already and will say it again.

Nbcb, nearly want to punch one pax. Pu at ngee Ann going to toa payoh. Of course go by cte la. Tell me go by Thomson?? Simi sai, told him sorry I dunno how to go by Thomson from orchard Road... I follow GPS. Then suan me say why other gojek can do but I dunno the way. If go cte kanna 2 erp very expensive.... Knn.
Nvm I diam diam still go cte... Along the way keep kpkb, nvm I diam diam.
Reached toa payoh, *******.. I checked cash payment... Sianz. Time check 750pm. Still got time for one more peak. Just wanted the ****** to quickly pay me and get out. Bloody hell take his own sweet time nevermind, threw the cash plus erp charges onto my lap and scolded me ",******* la you made me pay erp"
.... He lucky cos ping comes in. No time to quarrel... Nnb.
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