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Its news to me that there are ppl out there selling coupons. Even more so that there are ppl willing to even buy them when nowadays coupon value getting worse while sellers constantly up their prices.

Current state of this thread. Out of 10 new posts, 5 begging for coupons + 3 trolling/arguing + 2 asking blusky whats the upcoming coupons. But its an accurate reflection of what qoo10 is nowadays where there aint many good deals available but people are still spending their money there.

Do what you want with coupons. Sell, give or exchange for those who need or do nothing and let them expire. Power to those willing to buy or sell and if their accts get flagged and banned, then its their own business. But lets not start with the witch hunting and name shame.
I just simply ignoring those posts asking for vouchers. Vouchers are not that hard to get actually and it's always those few people asking the same few vouchers over and over again.

I really doubt they have so many things to buy everytime. It's either they are selling the vouchers (new to me though) or they are using the vouchers to buy items and sell for profit. Either way doesn't seem to deserve any help. They should just create their own accounts to do that.

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