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Hi people, just helping my cousin to ask, is ICA strict with normal colour vision? He told me he can see colours like everyone else, just that he couldn't see some of the numbers during the Ishihara test(the book with the wierd patterns for testing colour blind). I tried to do the Ishihara test online and I could see almost all the numbers very clearly, but my cousin took a very long time to see some of the numbers from the pattern.

I wonder which edition of Ishihara test booklet(24patterns or 38 platterns?) is the doctor using uh? My cousin can read the edition with 24 patterns one better though..... And he got his driving licence last year, so I don't think he's a colour blind leh
anyone who just did medical check-up can verify with the edition of Ishihara test booklet? I think it will be good for him to think of other job opportunities if ICA is strict with colour vision... Thanks
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