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Exclamation The AMD Zen2 Ryzen 3000 Discussion Thread

The new 3rd Gen 7nm Ryzen 3000 Zen2 series is significantly different from and vastly improved upon its predecessors viz. Zen and Zen+ so perhaps it is time for its own discussion thread.


1. 7nm architecture (Intel is stuck at 14nm+++ ad nauseum... )
2. PCI-e v4 (Intel is stuck at v3)
3. higher CPU clocks - both base and boost (over 4+ GHz and onwards... )
4. higher DDR4 clocks (over 3733MHz and onwards... )
5. more cores (up to 16!) and threads (up to 32!)
6. AVX-256 instructions
7. AM4 backward compatibility!!! (screw you pin twiddling Intel)
8. 2 x L3 cache size
9. great performance jump - for both single and multi core
10. fantastic cost benefits - for users (and AMD too)

Barron's World Best CEOs 2019 - Lisa Su (click!)

Lisa Su launching Ryzen 3000

Without AMD's Ryzen, we would all be still stuck at 4 cores mainstream and even going backwards with Intel's removal of hyperthreading (i7-9700K) and paying through the nose for them. Intel chip vulnerabilities and fixes already have owners uncontrollably losing performance over time, we don't need more of Intel's gimmicky nonsense to lose even more.

OK, time to share your experience and encourage the present fence sitters to reconsider their next CPU buying decision.
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Looking to Casket Late-eX for Intel...

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