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hi guys! its been a long long time since I went up. thinking to go up during the sep sch hols. any bros know which hotel is better and decent? the new renovated theme park hotel, resort hotel, or maxims? used to use points to redeem resort hotel, would say it is decent, never tried maxims before, and since the theme park hotel have been newly renovated, seems like another option now. will be going with family and kids, and paying cash for the rooms
From best to worst.

#1 Crowfords. #2 Grand Genting #3 Maxim #4 Theme Park/Resort #5 FWH.

So of cos, if you dun mind paying Maxim, then I would say go for it! Be prepared to pay about R700 per night for Maxim.

Which hotel is decent really depends on the individual. Personally, I find FWH superior room decent enough but I have frens who would not stay there even if it's free.

If you are not too picky, FWH is the cheapest. If you prefer a slightly bigger room, then Resort would be a good compromise. If you are going with family and kids, Theme Park Hotel is ideal because of the Quads and Sixers rooms.

Theme Park cost about RM300 a night for Quad. And about RM350 for Sixers. Resort Hotel is also about RM300 a night.
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