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I always go to Gold department where all the big fishes are.
and yes.. Alot of big punters dont sit. They normally run here and there and place the bets in my box.

Hate Gping to the general public place.. Darm irritating when u bet few Ks and aunty come and put 5rm on yr bet. %#!@^^$@$#&$#&$% Or those Aunties will push their boobs onto u to place bets. or those newbie will place 4th bets in the box.

Silver department can sometime be quiet and cold......
🤣🤣🤣...i share yr sentiments, bro. But Gold club now is unlike previous times when it was RM1K/500/ so damn smoky and dirty after min bet chg to RM100/50. I like Silver Club for it's peace and cleaner air...u will be surprised it's after midnight n early morning that the place has more ppl...the trends also better during those times...

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