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It also depends on the game that you are playing. Baccarat seems to be the only game I can see a lot of standing punters. 3 Pictures I used to see at the old Star Casino but not so much now. It does not seem as popular nowadays.

The other games like 3 card poker, Genting Poker and Texas 'hold em are hard for standing punters.

I suspect but cannot confirm that even the General Gaming area may have RFID installed. I rem one session I played last year, a lady was placing her bet with me when I was playing 3 card pokers. (It was a min RM50 table and she did not want to bet RM50 per slot) The points I clocked for that session was higher than my usual session. But it could also because the min bet was 50 for that session.

I heard from my bro-in-law that in the Gold Club room, some games has side bets going on blatantly in front of the gaming staff. I haven't seen it for myself. Has anyone seen this before?
General area tables confirmed n chopped has no rfid sensors needs a different support IT system as well...yr experience on spike in GP's is not uncommon...i hv experienced many times b4..

That's due to manual key in of the pit boss supervising the table...he can use his own discretion to manually bump up yr GP's (by default is based on time) if he felt u r betting huge amounts consistently or even if other ppl tumpang on yr box.

U might hv seen some big fish punting huge stacks of purple RM 500 chips each hand. After a few hands, some will just leave the table. Some dun throw cards but if they do even after the game, the pit boss is able to post-register the GP's due to the big punter.

Side bets meaning off table bettings between punters? Yes, tats illegal... mostly done by PRC ladies...or some regular locals as well especially when it comes to betting on "Tie" in baccarat.
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