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FWH is ok. Easy location.

But choose the room with twin sharing.
Single bed room is way too small

From best to worst.

#1 Crowfords. #2 Grand Genting #3 Maxim #4 Theme Park/Resort #5 FWH.

So of cos, if you dun mind paying Maxim, then I would say go for it! Be prepared to pay about R700 per night for Maxim.

Which hotel is decent really depends on the individual. Personally, I find FWH superior room decent enough but I have frens who would not stay there even if it's free.

If you are not too picky, FWH is the cheapest. If you prefer a slightly bigger room, then Resort would be a good compromise. If you are going with family and kids, Theme Park Hotel is ideal because of the Quads and Sixers rooms.

Theme Park cost about RM300 a night for Quad. And about RM350 for Sixers. Resort Hotel is also about RM300 a night.
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