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Did you order the tx6?
This is not a s905x2 cpu, i think it's a all-winner cpu, no good, temperature can hit 90degrees. Advise to cancel order. It is a cheap tv box.
You should order tanix tx5 max
Now i saw 3 types of tx5 = tx5 max, tx5 max plus and tx5 pro. Same cpu but different ddr ram(3 or 4) and ethernet speed(100M or 1000M), one of them no external antenna
You are right to say not to buy Tanix TX6, even the original version with Tanix logo has thermal issues.

As for TX5 Max, Gearbest the original version 4GB/32GB here.

TX5 Pro is an old model using S905X CPU and not S905X2 CPU.

I believe there is no TX5 Max Plus for Tanix original version with Tanix logo.
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