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I am a silver card member since 2006 until now never upgrade to gold at all. I play slot machine. Best is don't care so much about points because the longer you gamble the more you lose. Just set a loss limit of between 15-25 times your bet and winning goal of 15-25 times your bet, when reach your winning goal continue playing and set another winning goal and so on until you lose your original bankroll and please don't touch your winning credits. And if you very suay you will lose this bankroll in under 2 minutes. If you Heng the win come more often and bigger and a lot of bonus will come and your money will keep going up and you play slowly and relax and you will take a few hour to lose your original bankroll and of course with some winning money.

For me with a bankroll 20 times my bet. My record fastest time to lose this bankroll under 1 minutes 20 dead spins in a row. My record longest time to lose this bankroll 4 hours plus nearly 5 hours I have a lot of bonus, a lot of big win and my credits keep going up and I play slowly to drag the time.
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