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Well, it would do well to consider taking at walk of the vicinity of the Piermont Grand site on a weekend.

If you're surprised as to why the area seems to be "bustling" with activity in what is supposed to be a quiet residential neighbourhood, just look 500m north-west of Piermont Grand site to the 3 mega foreign workers dormitories (20,000 capacity) on Punggol Timor.

In fact, Piermont Grand is situated on what used to be their informal makan / cricket areas.

A bonus is that the mega foreign workers dormitories have a golden village cinema (run by S11) which is nearer than walking to waterway point!

Lol, the things the agents would not tell you...

But to be fair, seen many of them a fair number of times, they dont really wander too far away and stick to the area mostly
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