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whats the risk?

if we direct owner sell, we also sell on carousell, means we are all very risky.
to each of his own...some may do it but some may not.

coz my frien kena before...saw a Sub...selling reasonable on Carousell...met n take a look...fake... as frien is a collector, he roughly know where to spot...but cannot be 100% sure himself even though he is a collector...i am not so i wun even wan to risk it...we are not talking about a couple hundred dollars here.
u just need some black sheep to spoil the soup.
Thus my friend usually buy resales through connection...i mean those shops whom does this or through friens friens...but definitely not stranger coz if **** happen...hard to trace back and result in police report will not be nice.

AAA replica grade...u hardly can distinguish from real...
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