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Spot on. The AAA grade shown on youtube, fraction of cost, and very very well made. I saw one on replica sub. The only differences are very very minor quality issue, spotted only on magnification. Layman might not even see a problem.

They opened up back casing. Same movement as rolex sub!!! On closer inspection, it was a replicate movement as well. Movement finishing not as refined as original, but else looks the same, even with movement numbers etc engraved.

Want to save few hundred dollars buy from carousel, end up with a fake, SIM TIA ah! More than 10k sgd no joke.
years back...frien got a sub no date for me fr BKK...AAA replica...except the bazel got a scratch...the rest compare to my real...i cun spot anything...and 4yrs is still running a perfect timing, no rust on chain... cost me SGD$170 back then
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