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Yeah, exactly.

If watch can make so real AAA quality, tell me what is the big deal of getting a rolex box, fake a cert/card/booklets? Quite easy.

Some everything hVe, but no receipt. Some no cert. No this no that. Very suspicious. U mean u buy a branded watch, and even when everything is stuffed into box, but when selling watch, can be missing all or some documents, but box still have?

Some sell BNIB, say dated 2019, un-named etc. Selling thousands or even ten thousands above RRP. How sure are u? I can buy a 2017 piece, polish it up, get a blank rolex card (not difficult to get) and just endorse the date myself.

And becos BNIB, the sellers and even 2nd hand shops charge even more premium. Wa kao. Chopping all the carrot heads who walk about happily with their "new" purchases. Scary siah
Thatís how the saying (original version in chinese) goes: scared dont buy, buy dont scared.
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