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sry but i am not too sure what tt means? do you mean co broke? but ultimately the pie remains the same isn't it? I do know some agents actively engage in overseas ppty esp those at the ballrooms at orchard on the weekends, but i am curious on the take up rate of such exhibitions..
For Overseas property, the quantum may be low for some property like in Thailand/Vietnam ($100k). However, the sale is still hard to go through because buyer need to pay full cash (not allowed to take property loan) plus stamp duty (5%). In many ways, the deal is even more challenging than a HDB deal.

The comm we can get is also much lower due to the lower quantum (Eg 1-2% of 100k is 2k).

The takeup may be very fast. One Rich Man from China can just come down and buy 100 units in one fell swoop (No absd for foreigners or for many units). Then the project is more or less sold out. That's how most overseas project sell anyway.
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