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Thanks EyezoneOpticalSG. I found your website. Will try to find time to visit one of your shops. Cheers!

Hi bro!

Digital lenses are generally recommended to people with Presbyopia of +1.00Ds or less & progressive lenses for those with >+1.25Ds.

A pair of basic 1.50 index progressive lenses starts from $180 onwards (Depending on the brand you choose).
Depending on your needs/daily activities, you can also choose to top up & have Add-ons like:
  • Thinner lenses
  • Wider Angle lenses
  • Colour changing lenses (E.g. Transitions, Photochromic)
  • HEV Light (Blue) Filter (E.g. Asahi-Lite UV3G, Tokai Lutina)

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