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Anyone encounter their ryzen 3000 clock speed drop below the base clock?

My 3600, did drop to 3.4 for a few core when on windows 10 High performance plan, there was one 3 cores stuck at 500mhz
Bios version ? driver ?
Same observation here on 3900x, trying to understand the patterns as I run more stress test, 1 or 2 cores drop to 3100 during benchmarking.

On X52 AIO, rock solid but not exciting. Ryzen 3000 has very little room for OC, will try under-volting approach to see if can achieve all cores 4.3Mhz stable.

3600 is definitely a good buy, comparable or even better then 3900x on singlecore!

On Ryzen Master, idle clock can be as low as 115, then shoot up to 4100. Could be observer bug.. On the NZXT cam, idle at 4441MHz this definitely a bug!

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