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i see. So i should get something like an equalizer?

But i saw some equalizer with bass & treble while some with low,mid,high freq. Are there any different?
Err.... equalizer to pair with BT speaker, it is not recommended
not to mention certain EQ level may cause the BT speaker to distort.
If you are really looking at such portable speaker than that would be
portable PA.

Mackie SRM150

Low, mid and mid EQ level are different parameter for you to tweak.
However this is towards professional audio in particular audio mixing.

Audio mixing there is no right or wrong setting, all dependent on the source and how you want to tweak.
If you are really into professional audio, want to be DJ or work as audio visual technician.

There are places you can learn from like Pioneer DJ, check their facebook.
Sometimes they may classes/session you can join.
FYI EQ with low, mid and high are just basic type of EQ good for beginners to learn.

Intermediate and etc. there are more professional EQ with even more parameters to tweak.
Just sharing, if you feel such equipment is not only troublesome but

Get consumer grade BT speaker will do, not to mention some portable system doesn't have BT. The Mackie model I share doesn't have BT.
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