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Finally decided to buy this router and im using the default settings.
But notice there is a speed difference as it seems slower then my previous dlink 865. Eg using a same yt video using dlink to dl is around 10-20Mb/s, but after using this new asus router, speed seems to drop significantly at 8-9Mb/s only. Im on wired connection with Starhub 1gbps plan here. Is there any settings i can fine tune my direct connection speed?

Please help/advise me by using the most simplest form that a IT idiot like me can understand

Notice that a dl starts at >20Mb/s but imm drops to <10Mb/s like 1-2 secs later
too many variables and factors to consider.

for a start, have you updated to latest firmware?
QoS should be turned off if it's not.

consider flashing to asus-merlin firmware even if you are not intending to utilise the additional features in the near future. you can use its system log to see if there are any obvious issues that may be causing the speed drop.

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