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Sibei irritating...lta come up with the ruling that td cannot do jg but never enforce.

Td contributes to a big reason why surge cannot sustain.

Bloody hell so many green lantern go online at the same time. Surge instant death.

Puki mak td....
Lol Cherryislife, Since when LTA came out with this regulation that Tds cannot do JG? I am a Td and have been reading this forum for a long time but did not bother to register and post since I am not a PHV. But since you use "Puki Mak" on all Tds, I shall register and share with you something which will makes you feels even more Puki Mak and you might even go to the extent of banging the Puki of your own Mak Lol. We Tds have long ago spreading a plan to kill aggorant PHV drivers like you through words of mouth and also plenty of Tds whatsapp groups. And the plan is to encourage all Tds to toggle off standard taxi option during peak hours and on only just grab option to share all the MSW which you guys have been generously sharing on the internet Lol, its a slow process but when more than enough of Tds understand the motives behind this move, you PHV are doom Lol. I think you are not stupid enough to ask me to explain to you the reason behind this move right? Lol.
As for off peak hours, we shall on both options and do street hail jobs too, oops, no street hail jobs for you though Lol. We are collecting gems too for your information Lol, why not collect gems when our commision is only 3% for fares $10 and below and 12% for fares $11 and above? 6789 fares are even better for us because we are only paying $0.18, $0.21, $0.24 and $0.27 for that which is much higher that taxi meter fares for the same distance traveled? whereby morons like you are paying $1.20, $1.40, $1.60 and $1.80 for the same job we are doing? Lol.

One last word for you Cherryislife. Do not insult other peoples Mak when you yourself do have a Mak at home.

Lol Believe what I have been telling you so for or not is up to you Lol. Happy PHVing. Oh yah, dont forget to post for tricks that you guys are doing so that we Tds can learn and use it against PHV Lol.

Oh lastly, do you know that Tds can disable grabshare? Lol, we leave all this shits for you Lol.

Wait wait wait, I might be Peachtea friend also coz I always book grabeshare during peak hours when I am off just to tekan you PHV Morons Lol.
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