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i have 10% ~ 13%, no need to buy
why they selling 15% to wt2, it will be capped lower when recalibrate due to lower gear score

i guess clan have means to share gears among each other?

this game becoming more of INVENTORY then loot & shooter
Lvl 15 clan is selling 15% wpn dmg on chest. Character needs to be WT2. Fast fast get before fri vendor reset,.
i heard calculated talent will proc from skill kills in TU5. not sure if it's good, just give me cd <10s will do or at enough damage to wipe at least the veterans with a throw of seeker :p

i find skill build are fine until above hard difficulty. i ran with unstoppable & much easier to deal with higher difficulty levels than skill

some quiet moments with full moon, starry sky & a little milky way. environment & weather are so beautiful.

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